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iPhone : #IndiaUS - A relationship that took 6 decades to find itself but is now making up for the lost time. Would expect it to become important even in the American calculus of the world.

iPhone : Strong structural and policy reasons for increasing #IndiaAustralia engagement. Growing economic relationship, expanding cooperation in creating a more stable & secure region.

iPhone : India’s strategic calculation in a post #Brexit UK would take into account the whole spectrum of “Multiple UKs” - the European UK, the TransAtlantic UK, the Historical UK, the Diaspora UK, the City of London UK, the Innovative UK.

iPhone : As part of the close strategic partnership between the Govts of India & UAE, and with a view to assisting UAE residents who are presently in India to return to UAE, the Civil Aviation Authorities of both countries have agreed to operationalise a special arrangement. PIB India

iPhone : Underlining India’s unshakeable commitment to combating #ClimateChange.

PM Narendra Modi inaugurates Asia’s largest Solar Power Project at Rewa.

Message of this 750 MW project: sure, pure and secure energy. twitter.com/narendramodi/s…

iPhone : रक्षा मंत्री श्री Rajnath Singh जी को जन्मदिन की अंनत शुभकामनाएं।आपके स्वस्थ और दीर्घायु जीवन की कामना करता हूं|

iPhone : Strong & clear message to the world today by PM Narendra Modi at #IGW2020

#AtmaNirbharBharat merges domestic production & consumption with global supply chains

It is not about being self-contained or being closed to the world

It is about being self-sustaining & self-generating

iPhone : Momentous decision taken by the #Cabinet today under PM Narendra Modi’s leadership. Extension of the #PMGKAY – the world’s largest food allocation programme - till end-Nov.

Free food grains to 810 million people for 8 mnths at the addl estimated expenditure of over $10 billion.