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Bio I’m delighted to have been re-elected as MP for Central Ayrshire and will do my best to assist constituents and work with local community groups and industries.
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iPhone : A suggestion for Canadian journalists: cover the Covid-19 success stories - Australia, Greece, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, South Korea, Thailand, etc.

(Not the US.)

Help us understand what the public is doing in these countries and also what their health systems are doing.

iPhone : The response to this tweet suggests a real hunger for reporting that tells us how countries are succeeding against Covid-19.

If you send me good news stories about how this is being done, I will tweet them out in an ongoing thread.

#1 is Vietnam - google.com/amp/s/www.voan… twitter.com/irfandhalla/st…

iPhone : Irfan Dhalla Devi Sridhar) 's Twitter Profile">Devi Sridhar The BMJ Adriel Chen Feel oddly proud to see Scotland on this list! Devi Sridhar) 's Twitter Profile">Devi Sridhar I’m one of the many who thinks you’re doing an amazing job!🌟 Please ignore the tiny minority of poisonous trolls & keep doing what you’re doing! P.S. Gotta love someone who has a pic of Superman on their wall!!!😁

iPhone : #7 is Japan. They didn’t test nearly as much as some other countries, and they have no equivalent of Public Health ON or PHAC/CDC. But they do have very well developed and well staffed local public health. Roughly 1000 deaths in a country of 126 million bloomberg.com/news/articles/…

Twitter for iPad : Please wear your #Facecovering in any indoor public space - let’s #ProtectEachother from #COVID19 twitter.com/malcolmchishol…

iPhone : #5 is Sri Lanka. 21 million people, 11 deaths. This is a colourful and detailed firsthand account from indica (one installment in an inspiring series called “the Covid underdogs”) medium.com/indica/covid-…

iPhone : Sewed and sent out these today. Doing the more complicated jobs now and waiting for fabric. Would any of you terribly object to me taking tomorrow off? It’s to visit a sick friend and spend what time we have left with her. I would sew on Sunday to make up the time xx