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Sprinklr : Did you know you can view all six Apollo landing sites tonight from your window?

Grab a telescope and this handy NASA Moon map to #ObserveTheMoon:

Sprinklr : The Moon is a bridge between our night sky & humans all over the world. 🌎

Join NASA Moon experts & lunar enthusiasts to #ObserveTheMoon during our live show, today from 5:30 – 11pm ET. Let’s celebrate the celestial body that brings us together at night:

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iPhone : Whos up for a virtual field trip? 🎒

Come visit us at #SciFest this week for K-12 resources, speakers, career opportunities, and more! Follow NASA Exhibit for updates throughout the week.

Register for USASEF here:…

Sprinklr : It’s time for a virtual field trip… to the Moon 🌕

Become an astronaut for a day, and plan a lunar hike with Moon Trek, an interactive Moon map using NASA Moon data from our lunar spacecraft:


Sprinklr : It’s International #ObserveTheMoon night: a perfect time to look at our closest celestial neighbor!

The Moon is around its 1st quarter providing an excellent view along the line between night & day, where shadows enhance the Moon’s landscape. Learn more:

iPhone : Our 21st anniversary is today... 👰 🤵 🎉

On a related note: the light that left the planet #HD219134b on our wedding day is arriving. The planet is 1.5 times bigger than the 🌍 and orbiting its star in only 3 days!… NASA Exoplanets NASA Spitzer

Sprinklr : One Moon. 🌕
Many Perspectives. 🌎

Look up, and join others across the globe for International #ObserveTheMoon night tomorrow. Choose between the numerous lunar events globally, or even observe the Moon from the comfort of your own home:

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Sprinklr : How will astronauts maintain a nutritious diet on long-duration missions? This is just one of the Qs researchers seek to answer with the next cargo launch to Intl. Space Station. Learn about the biological & physical ISS Research experiments launching Sept 29:

Twitter Web App : As we travel beyond Earth, growing plants in space could be an important source of food for NASA Astronauts. Understanding space radiation conditions is one aspect of optimizing crop growth in space.

Scientists behind the project are live now on Reddit — ask them anything! ⬇️…

Twitter Web App : Let’s talk space gardening!

The scientists behind the project launching on NG-14 that aims to grow radishes on the Intl. Space Station are answering your questions on @Reddit now!

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Twitter Web App : On Sept. 29, were launching science to the Intl. Space Station from NASA Wallops! Head to @Reddit today to ask experts about:

🚽 12pm ET, r/space: Space toilet
🌱 3pm ET, r/gardening: Space-grown radishes
🎥 5pm ET, r/filmmakers: VR camera for spacewalks

Twitter Web App : The Dragonfly mission will survey locations on Saturn’s largest moon Titan to help answer key astrobiology questions & advance our search for the building blocks of life. I have every confidence in the team to deliver this mission successfully and conduct transformative science.

Sprinklr : NASA has requested that the Dragonfly mission pursue their alternative launch readiness date in 2027. This decision is based on factors external to the Dragonfly team, including COVID-19’s impact on the Planetary Science Division’s budget:

Twitter Web App : NASA recently announced 18 Space Biology Grant Awards that will advance our understanding of how living systems respond, acclimate and adapt to the space environment in support of human space exploration. Meet the awardees:…

Sprinklr : Our #SpaceforUS interactive website showcases how people coast-to-coast 🌎 are using NASA Earth data to tackle everything from monitoring freshwater 💦 in California to powering coffee roasters ☕️ in Maine.

Take a look:

Twitter Web App : NEWS: For more than 60 years, NASA has been in the business of space exploration & aeronautics. Today, we released our first-ever Economic Impact Report.

• 312,000 jobs
• $64 billion in economic output
• $7 billion in fed, state, & local taxes


Sprinklr : We’re preparing for NASAs most ambitious sample return since the Apollo program:

On Oct. 20, NASAs OSIRIS-REx will attempt to touch the surface of asteroid Bennu and collect a sample to bring to Earth. Join our journey #ToBennuAndBack:

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Twitter Web App : LIVE NOW: Our NASAs OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is playing TAG with an asteroid next month, and the prize for winning will be a piece of it that we’ll bring home in 2023.

Listen in on how and why were going #ToBennuAndBack: