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iPhone : Morrígan ⚡️⚡️ There’s a difference between taking pride in who you are and being a straight up ethno narcissist. Ironically the spergy types who call themselves white supremacists and larp on the internet are always dysgenic af irl.. a lot of them are feds too.

iPhone : 2020 was a strange year. A different year... The worst pandemic since 1918 hit the world. Everything came to a stop. Life wasnt. To see how terrible Covid19 was, I looked at the mortality of over 30 countries.
lets get in to this:


PlayStation®Network : Quería juga al 1 y el 2 antes, pero así llevo años... #Thewitcher3 #Cdprojektred #PS4share

Twitter Web App : Heres a heads up that Chasing Ghosts will be available to purchase for free (eBook only) all day tomorrow, 6th October 🎃👻😋

Looking for a ghost story with touches of romance, humour and plenty of mystery this Halloween? Mark your calendars 📅

🔗 amzn.to/3i1Ljc7

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Android : Geçen sezon Alanyaspor ile oynadığımız mücadelede, bugün Lemosa verilen penaltının aynısını Mustafa Pektemek yapmış, penaltı vermemişti...