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Twitter Web App : I will get furious for the rest of my life that Evan Engram was selected to the pro bowl this year

Twitter Web App : Ty Schalter George Miller put 10 years of effort into perfecting Mad Max Fury Road and it's a shame that a guy who wrote a good analysis on a week deadline is actually the true artist here

Twitter Web App : I won't even argue there are cases where it's true, but as such a blanket statement, fucking lmao, talk about huffing your own farts

Twitter Web App : I have immense respect for critics and good criticism and feel they provide a valuable form of analysis that all art benefits from, but this is a ridiculous take

Twitter Web App : gonna be honest this is the better Andy picture I made today

Twitter Web App : Chiefs should probably be the favorites in two weeks, I'm gonna root for them, but picking against Tom Brady at this point just feels like holding a loaded gun at my foot and seeing how tightly I can squeeze the trigger without setting it off

Twitter Web App : And the Chiefs have no ended both the Bills and Browns Cinderella seasons. Unfortunate, yet expected. Good season Bills, hope to see you back