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iPhone : Chago River 🌹 Nature is Metal Of the top predators in Africa hyenas are at the top percentages of making their own kills. Cheetahs primarily only hunt but half their kills are taken from them. Basically all the big animals take kills from other animals when given opportunity.

Twitter for iPad : FKA matt doe I haven’t had jerk chicken since I got married in Jamaica. I miss the chicken more than I miss my ex 😂

Twitter for iPad : Super 70s Sports I suspect it’s Mick for the casual music fan. Bowie for the ones that view themselves as superior music fans.

iPhone : Tony Robbins This was news yesterday. If I saw it’d have been available to anyone. I’m not a guy that reads the news much. Don’t push your narratives onto me. In fact, I think I’m done.

iPhone : James Woods Adam People like griffin and trump and all the folks that take sides are what is wrong with America. Right is right and wrong is wrong. The mirror image of the lunatic fringe is still the lunatic fringe. This is madness. “Liberals” and “conservatives” are harming this country.

iPhone : The Volatile Mermaid They are the ones that need to grow the fuck up and stop talking like that. It is dragging this country down. Of course I’m mad about it. I’m mad about the entire lot of it.