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Android : Koko Not to take a jab at anyone but I feel like over half the people that say Sonic doesn't need/shouldn't have a story then turn around and complain about how much better the stories of the older Mario RPG series were.

Android : I find Gen 4 to be a little overrated (having been the gen I grew up with) and I can't wait to see what changes to the lore they make in the remake whenever that happens... twitter.com/Luxeno/status/…

Twitter Web App : But the idea of a majority vote could be very dangerous with how different everyone's opinions regarding the Sonic franchise are, but I still feel like it could be a pretty cool experiment for once the game series is in a better place...

Twitter Web App : Already the word episodic raises some concerns and I don't think everyone will be incredibly happy about that but I'd be open to the idea if there's quality to back up the project: a solid gameplay and visual basis and an interesting premise so you actually care about voting...

Twitter Web App : I don't think the series needs a gamble like that right NOW, if anything I hope their upcoming game is as safe and polished as possible - But I wonder what the general reception of an episodic Sonic game with the outcome of the next episode being decided by the community would be

Twitter Web App : Since the Sonic community has become such an integral part of the series itself, the idea of a community vote affecting a Sonic game's story came into my mind yesterday... It'd be such a wild and crazy idea, I don't know if it's ever been done before but it could be kinda cool...

Android : Sentys finishing his comic!! Like sure, there's some childish people troll-blocking or whatever but why the need to pretend you're some kind of intellectual and make fun of people who just don't want to see certain things in a site that they mostly wanna just use to relax??