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Twitter for iPad : DYK: Jeffrey Epstein’s financial skill-set included “Repatriation of Plundered Assets”?

DYK: It’s suspected that is what Sid Blumental was actually after in Libya?

#Benghazi aint going away!!…

Twitter for iPad : Another day of record low covid deaths in the US (just 209)

Even the hardest-hit states like Texas & Florida that are a month into their spike in cases (in other words, enough time for deaths to catch up) arent seeing a rise in deaths. This bodes well..

Twitter for iPad : NEW: Ghislaine Maxwell has been transferred from the Merrimack County Jail in New Hampshire nearby where she'd been arrested by the FBI to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn (not the MCC in Manhattan where Epstein had been held).


Twitter for iPad : Most important video I’ve done...could this happen to you?
Share the message, no one’s immune to attacks. (part 2/2)

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Twitter for iPad : Completely agree. A rational mask debate is long overdue. Unfortunately, mask fans have made it heresy to even question mask mandates–which is a big red flag. But an even bigger red flag is that if you look at the WHO's June 5 mask reversal, they *admit* there is no new evidence.…

Twitter for iPad : If you were ever fooled into believing Rick Wilson, Bill Kristol, Jennifer Rubin, The Lincoln Project or any of the other Never Trump grifters & frauds were actually Republican, consider this:

They'd rather put a senile corrupticrat who'd never won a single delegate until our media-

Twitter for iPad : ...went full CCP presstitute ChiCom puppets, a guy who's nothing more than a slot in his butt for Obama's puppeteer arm, in the most powerful seat in the world over a guy who's actually accomplishing the Conservative agenda:
-return to Federalism
-Made in America...

Twitter for iPad : ...
-Single Rule of Law
-Tearing down the pedophile networks
-Save the family unit
-God back into our society

If you were fooled by these grifters & frauds, it's ok - they're professional liars.

Just get right with Jesus and come back to Donald J. Trump by November

Twitter for iPad : They know all of it and they dont care

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Twitter for iPad : Under Bill De Blasio, here are the new NYPD rules of engagement.

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Twitter for iPad : Frederick Douglass statue removed at Rochester park