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Twitter Media Studio : Is there anyone more fierce than Buffy Summers? Sarah Michelle #Buffy

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Twitter Media Studio : Take your perfect relationship elsewhere. Josh Radnor Neil Patrick Harris Jason Segel Cobie Smulders #HIMYM

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Twitter Web App : 15) “I MAY BE DEAD, BUT I’M STILL PRETTY”. pic.twitter.com/3ibELBOWWm

Twitter Web App : 14) Literally every second of “Dopplegangland”. pic.twitter.com/g4k0U6kv4T

Twitter Web App : 13) The moment Buffy realised Cordelia was not BFF material. pic.twitter.com/aLMV5s7xz6

Twitter Web App : 12) When Principal Snyder tried to be a Scooby.

Twitter Web App : 11) That time we got an insight into Andrew’s mind. pic.twitter.com/UVzAsEjWPt

Twitter Web App : 10) “If you’re not too busy having sex with my mother”. pic.twitter.com/iuhbjgHWVh

Twitter Web App : 9) When Buffy got drunk with Spike. pic.twitter.com/dEEHAH9srm

Twitter Web App : 8) Literally ANY interaction between Spike and Joyce. pic.twitter.com/2Sm51xyVwa

Twitter Web App : 7) THIS THIS THIS! pic.twitter.com/FvNvJjhe9y

Twitter Web App : 6) When the squad saw Xander in his Speedos.

Twitter Web App : 5) Literally every single thing about “I’ll Never Tell”. pic.twitter.com/uwq95udvgz

Twitter Web App : 4) THIS moment from Giles’ presentation. pic.twitter.com/6MJ89lfuYP

Twitter Web App : 3) “Out. For. A. Walk… B***h”. pic.twitter.com/uA11yWdLE2

Twitter Web App : 2) This. Just this. pic.twitter.com/StYFbGd3Nc

Twitter Web App : 1) The iconic stake twirl. Just ‘cos. pic.twitter.com/KLP00F5kGL

Twitter Web App : 15 #Buffy moments that bring nothing but pure joy, a thread:

Twitter Media Studio : I am Charles. Charles is me. 😂 #Brooklyn99

The Lonely Island
Melissa Fumero
terry crews
Stephanie Beatriz

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Twitter Media Studio : Who remembers this iconic bit of coitus? #BigBangTheory

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