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Twitter Web App : This week at ESA) 's Twitter Profile">ESA #EarthObservation we:
🛰️ flew over the Tanezrouft Basin in the Sahara desert
🛰️ learnt about new interesting findings by ESA) 's Twitter Profile">ESAs #Swarmission
🛰️had a look at a snowbound #Spain from space

Twitter Web App : For #EarthArt Sunday we travel to Morocco!
In this Copernicus EU #Sentinel3 capture we can admire both the snowy caps of the Rif Mountains and the blue of the Mediterranean sea.
Quite a view dont you think?

Twitter Web App : Launched in 2013, ESAs #SwarmMission is dedicated to unravelling one of the most mysterious aspects of our planet: the magnetic field.
Its latest finding? Space weather could be worse in the north pole!

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Twitter Web App : Welcome to the Land of terror!
The hyperarid area of Tanezrouft Basin is known for its soaring temperatures and scarce access to water.
We introduced a new feature that shows the most interesting features of the image... do you like it? let us know!…

Twitter Web App : What is the Copernicus EU #Sentinel6 mission? What are the big questions the mission will help answer?

Back in November, we asked these questions (and many others) to our experts in a series of short audio interviews: enjoy!…

TweetDeck : Global mean sea level has risen about 19 cm since 1900, at an accelerating rate. This #EEAIndicator shows data since 1900 on global #sea level rise, and presents the past trend and projected change in relative sea level across Europe👉…

Twitter Web App : This is a snippet of a Copernicus EU #Sentinel2 capture over the Tanezrouft Basin.

While processing the image our team came across this grid-like pattern: what do you think it is?
We think they could be human-made clearings/roads but we would love to hear your suggestions!

Twitter Media Studio : Welcome back to the #EarthFromSpace programme!
For the first episode of 2021 we fly over the Tanezrouft Basin – one of the most desolate parts of the Sahara Desert.
Will you join us?…

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TweetDeck : 🆕 New #InformationBulletin
Copernicus #EMS used satellite and drone data to produce 3 grading maps in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake that struck near Petrinja (#Croatia), and help identify damages to homes and infrastructures.
🔗 | #EMSR491 ⤵️

TweetDeck : #ICYMI a replay of our 2021 start-of-year press conference with ESA Director General Jan Wörner, future Director General Josef Aschbacher and other ESA Directors, this morning, 14 January 👇

Twitter Web App : It's been a year since esa aeolus mission data have been integrated into daily weather forecasts by ECMWF!
Boasting a number of ‘firsts’, Aeolus is the first satellite mission to provide profiles of Earth’s wind in cloud-free air globally🍃🌬️

To learn more ➡️…

Twitter Web App : Our climate is changing because of different factors influencing Earth at large. The lack of measuring stations in many remote areas means that satellites are the only way to gather data.
Thats why ESA Climate Office work is essential:…

TweetDeck : second hint: This hyperarid area is known for its soaring temperatures and scarce access to water and vegetation. And it has a very "scary" nickname!

TweetDeck : 🔴 live now... follow on #ESAwebTV 👉…