Sonia 2 metres pls 🇪🇺Rejoiner #FBPE 🕯️🇪🇺🕷️ (@EU_Citizen2 )

Sonia 2 metres pls 🇪🇺Rejoiner #FBPE 🕯️🇪🇺🕷️

Bio Forever European. See you soon EU. ❤️🇪🇺 Angry as hell at this government re lack of protection for NHS and herd immunity policy. Blocks trolls and bots.
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Android : The government was routinely overstating the total number of people who had been tested for #COVID19 by as many as 200,000 at the height of the #coronavirus pandemic

Ed Conway takes a closer look at the numbers

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Android : Vast Brexit customs clearance centre to be built in Kent.

Utterly crazy. A madcap scheme designed to satisfy the racist halfwits who worship Nigel Farage and the billionaires who fund Johnson.


Android : Living in this covid-19 era has made most of us realise how little material 'stuff' we all actually need.
Given this it's hard to see retail spending recovering fully anytime soon.

And as for pubs and restaurants? Not for me thank you.

Android : UK foreign secretary Dominic Raab enjoyed his moment in the sun this week after imposing sanctions on #Russian officials. But Boris #Johnson's government has little appetite for stopping the flow of #Moscow money into London - and the #Conservative Party…

Android : Johnson says England may need stricter face mask rules.

There are rules?
Has anyone told the public?

This government are world-beating at closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Android : So, to recap: the Brexit people voted for was to shaft our union, have a border within our own country, cut supply chains, lose our rights, drop our food and welfare standards, grenade our economy, have an unelected psycho in charge and become an international joke?
Makes sense.

Android : I just read an article from the Daily Mail. My eyes are hurting.

But the article states the UK will not join the EU vaccine scheme because we don't want to be at the back of the queue. So,it's better not to be in a queue then? 🤔

There is zero logic to this to me. Anyone else?