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Twitter for iPad : Black Pro-Life Activists File Racial Discrimination Claim Against Planned Parenthood(PP)!

PP has been targeting Black Women & BABIES for nearly half a century!

PP’s founder wanted to extinguish Black People!

breitbart.com/politics/2020/… via Breitbart News

Twitter for iPad : There’s only a few of us out here that will risk it all to do what’s right for our country our family and friends, Lil Wayne WEEZY F is one of a kind. 💯

Check out this dope interview🔥

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Twitter for iPad : #ChinaBiden is not Fit for ANY OFFICE & DEFINITELY NOT for PRESIDENCY.
Joe will look the other way while China takes over US economy.

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Twitter for iPad : 🦅 If you believe that we have a great opportunity to take back America or need incentive..🦅

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Twitter for iPad : America is at stake!

The Democratic Party in the United States is no longer the party of John F. Kennedy that many fondly remember. It has been taken over by the extreme left, by quasi-Marxist radicals!



Twitter for iPad : Trump literally dropped the mic on CNN. 😂😂

Trump has always been the honest man that he is now. He hasnt changed in 30 years.

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Twitter for iPad : The New York Times So does everyone that appreciate this income tax reduction. People need to recognize this option is not just exclusive to the wealthy is for everyone no matter what income you have. People remember you get tax refund, do you want to rescind it and pay more taxes?