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Twitter for iPad : I’m incandescent. Furious does not describe it.

These fools are disgracing themselves, their service and the uniform. They are undermining the integrity of the police service, the rule of law and society.

What the Hell has happened to our police?

Reform is needed, now.

Twitter for iPad : This vile example of Muslim culture will juggle with the truth to suit his own needs. twitter.com/smileyface4716…

Twitter for iPad : One of the best sights is to see the Union Jack on each side of the main person doing the daily briefing. We should do what the USA do and fly our flag whenever possible - homes and businesses! twitter.com/rabhutchison/s…

Twitter for iPad : Barnier sounds rattled.

‘No significant areas of progress’.

Talks are on the verge of collapse because Frost isn’t backing down.

Excellent news.

Twitter for iPad : Twitter is a disturbing place to be right now. If you are feeling negatively affected by current events and you feel out of control. Disable your feed, switch off the news, list positives to achieve in your day, sleep and eat well and visit #EveryMindMatters website for guidance

Twitter for iPad : Kier. Try looking closer to home mate. People are being beaten in France for ‘peaceful protesting’ by Macrons bully boys and not a bloody peep out of you. Trump, whilst I’m not his biggest fan, is not denying peaceful protest but he does want to stop looting and rioting! Okay 🤷‍♀️ twitter.com/keir_starmer/s…

Twitter for iPad : As a 50 something law abiding white bloke who’s always paid my way since leaving school & always taken responsibility for my actions trying to do the best for myself & others, is it just me who feels that I’m becoming devalued & labelled ‘the problem’ by a new reckless society?

Twitter for iPad : I am white.

I was born poor.

I worked hard.

I am no longer poor.

This is nothing to do with privilege.

It is to do with mindset, commitment and refusing to fail.

If you are like me please RT.

Twitter for iPad : Here are some Nazis in the 1930s after demanding Jews ‘took a knee’ in front of them. Slightly different methodology, same end result. Humiliation and debasement of one race in order to allow the other to feel and act superior.

Twitter for iPad : This is the reality of the so-called #BlackLivesMatter thuggery - a hard working black man has his home and business destroyed by 'protesters' protesting about so-called #WhitePrivilege
Get him on your vacuous programme and ask him what matters, Piers Morgan twitter.com/RickS_Patriots…

Twitter for iPad : Khan on Sky now saying wearing masks should be compulsory in shops. How he has the nerve to spout on about social distancing after encouraging mass protests on London. Hypocrite.

Twitter for iPad : Writer Inaya Folarin Iman tells Julia that Black Lives Matter protesters are wrong to conflate race relations in the UK with the US: “I don’t want to grow up in a society that is constantly telling me I’m oppressed and a victim. That’s not how I feel.”

Julia Hartley-Brewer | Inaya Folarin Iman

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Twitter for iPad : Excellent work by David Frost at the negotiating table. We need to retain full 🇬🇧 sovereignty & leave on #WTO Our Trade deal with the 🇪🇺 can then grow organically post transition. We will see more capitulation when they start to crumble & then we won’t need them at all. 😉 twitter.com/davidghfrost/s…

Twitter for iPad : Very very sad And the killers of these brothers are the kind of people Sinn Fein want treated as ‘victims’ and be entitled to payments twitter.com/hannyhas/statu…

Twitter for iPad : My son just told me his university have written and asked him to bend the knee on a certain day with other students ,,,, what on Earth are universities doing to our kids ? Boris Johnson #StayAlert these left wing institutions need sorting out .. just like the police , schools etc ..