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iPhone : Don’t let ‘em fool ya re 9/11: The Bush adminstration had plenty of clues that some Arabs were planning to fly airplanes into US buildings. The CIA among others warned the Bush White House, but attention wasn’t paid.

iPhone : A bit much to hear Sen. Hawley, in riot hearing, denounce “these violent criminals”— the ones he waved his fist to in alliance on Jan. 6. Short memory as to what set the whole thing off — an effort by Hawley & Cruz & rioters to overturn the election of Biden.

iPhone : I don’t know. I’m just a citizen and I knew that many hundreds of demonstrators were coming to town on an important day in counting electoral votes and the president, urging them to come, said it would be “wild.”

Twitter Web App : One reason to doubt the efficacy of impeachment and conviction, says Elizabeth Drew, is that since each state has two senators, small states (whose populations tend to be rural and conservative) have excessive power for their relative size. bit.ly/3qpBklG

iPhone : The fundamental problem with the impeachment process is that the relevant clause in the Constitution, written in 1787, was designed for a different political landscape than what the US has had for most of its history, explains Elizabeth Drew. bit.ly/2OKe2sL

Twitter Web App : Raskin, via Elizabeth Drew: “We’ve arrived at a point in history where a once-great party can behave like a cult. Facts, logic, and the rule of law have dropped out of the equation.” 

Twitter Web App : .Elizabeth Drew was right on Trump more than anyone else because uniquely among journalists of her level she uses her deep historical perspective to actually analyze rather than do play-by-play twitter.com/ElizabethDrewO…

Twitter Web App : Why, even when the evidence is air tight, it's so hard, nearly impossible, to win conviction, especially of a Republican. project-syndicate.org/commentary/why…