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Twitter Web App : We also need the cooperation of the French to intercept boats and return migrants back to France.
(Priti Patel)

French response: 👇

Twitter Web App : Editorial: As US Postal Service slows down, voters must pick up the pace

Twitter Web App : Ok. Who made this? Its genius.

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Twitter Web App : This is so deeply sad. For anyone to put their unborn child and young children at risk like this, they must be utterly desperate. We must be supporting those who flee unsafe and dangerous conditions as well as seeking to tackle the root causes. twitter.com/bbcbreakfast/s…

Twitter Web App : This snowy owl saw a mouse & was ready to attack😛❤️#photooftheday #photography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #NaturePhotography #nature #PHOTOS #NATURE_WORLD #PictureOfTheDay #picoftheday #birds #photo #birdphotography #attack #snowyowl #owl #owls #raptor #raptors

Twitter Web App : As a former Australian migration officer & from my experience:
A vast majority of people who are against immigration know next to nothing about it.
Nothing about the migrants, their motivation, the national/EU laws, the benefits or the challenges.
They're racists. That's all.

Twitter Web App : Odd how a hundred or so Brits dying every day from Covid barely registers, but a couple of dozen migrants (including children), arriving in Kent is somehow treated as a massive threat to the security and future of the nation.

Twitter Web App : Seven-year-old Georgia boy dies of coronavirus, a day after Trump's claim that kids are 'almost immune' independent.co.uk/news/world/ame…

Twitter Web App : Liz Truss urged to explain what she knew about government contract with adviser for 50 million unusable face masks theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/un…

Twitter Web App : This video(2018) of Guy Verhofstadt going after Nigel Farage is always worth another spin around the block.

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Twitter Web App : “We get one life. This may be the hardest year we will ever see.
Love,Laughter,Nature & Music will see us through.
The impossible big picture is made up of lots of possible little pictures. Help someone when you can.
Step forward & #BeKind
I promise you’ll feel better for it”🙏

Twitter Web App : Japanese foreign minister to leave London without trade deal politico.eu/article/japane…