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iPhone : I don’t always play a superhero, but when I do... I care about those around me & if there was the slightest chance I could spread a highly contagious deadly virus to my loved ones/strangers without my awareness, I’d wear a mask.
Protecting fellow citizens honors the #AmericanWay.

iPhone : Proud boys paraded past my house and pepper sprayed all over my corner so as I left my house I ran straight into a cloud of mace 😊 the cops? They escorted them! I love the new SAFE Capitol Hill 🏳️‍🌈 thank you Mayor Jenny Durkan for giving us our 💥FREEDOM💥 back! What an absolute SLAY🔥

iPhone : How is nothing about the protests around the country trending right now?

Every major city is having huge #BlackLivesMatter marches.

This is Nashville 👇🏻

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Twitter Web App : Aaron S CZEdwards (@ 🏠, with 🧰) Yes, absolutely this is a factor.
I cannot express how much I wish I could go back and rewrite my first book. I love Good Intentions but I can list a bunch of story regrets and also some craft issues I've gotten better about.
I chew on things a lot more now.

Twitter Web App : CZEdwards (@ 🏠, with 🧰) Also I totally hear you on the broken premise thing.

In 2016 I was knee-deep into a happy, silly, smutty post-apoc novel. Then I suddenly saw the unintended HIV/AIDS metaphor that totally doesn't belong & is wildly past my qualifications. Still haven't figured out how to fix it.

Twitter Web App : CZEdwards (@ 🏠, with 🧰) I have a little mechanical formatting to do in the next couple days, but after that I need to remember how to write a whole novel again.

As much as I'd love to think that would be easier after having written eleven of them the truth is wow, nope.

Twitter Web App : Caught in a rut.
Really want to do something creative or cool but I also totally don't have the gumption or focus for it at all.
Even kinda-sorta feeling like I should boot up a different video game turns into mindlessly playing more Overwatch.

iPhone : I’ll say this as simple and as straight as as I can… ‘The Virus is REAL and it will FUCK you up and possibly KILL you or someone you love.. Fuck around with it if you want to..’ Ice T

Twitter Web App : here’s the very special moment where manolo vega was trying to say no one at the rally is a racist & then three literal neo-nazis sieg heil’ed in response.

video from Ford Fischer


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Twitter Web App : I absolutely loved the worldbuilding and atmosphere that came out of the first two movies.
(Still haven't seen the third.) twitter.com/callme_scooby/…

Twitter Web App : This pattern from the police has been seen in a lot of other places in recent years, too. twitter.com/spekulation/st…

Twitter Web App : This is what my neighborhood looks like today—as a resident, these white supremacists are 1000% scarier and more disruptive than #CHOP ever was. twitter.com/spekulation/st…