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Twitter Web App : it is absolutely insane that record labels have put Twitch in a position to force streamers to delete their entire life's work, for some 10+ years of memories, and that Twitch has been incapable of preventing or aiding streamers for this situation. a total failure all around

Twitter Web App : Excited to not only help my boy Jesse Cox by amplifying that his new game - Monster Camp - is out now, but excited to announce that - I voiced some characters in the game! One of my first voice credits in a game! store.steampowered.com/app/1140270/Mo… twitter.com/JesseCox/statu…

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Twitter Web App : JEngle baww shucks. thank you ☺️

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Twitter Web App : Michael is it really, goddamnit i had a good night all planned and now i have to like REMEMBER the election


Twitter Web App : Lirik i always panic and say Watchmen because it's so damn good, so JUST IN CASE,


Twitter Web App : dear Twitch fam/buddies/acquaintances,

I am so happy we get to still hang out and experience life together through gaming. I am grateful. I miss you so much. I think about a lot of you, often, and hold you in good thoughts. Hug yourself for me.


Twitter Web App : littlesiha i am legit sorry i did this same thing, dude. i didn't even consider how overloaded you must be from it! hopefully it becomes a side dish issue on your plate soon 😟

Twitter Web App : Are you new to the gaming scene or just want some fresh games?

I’ll show you some cool stuff to play during today’s Xfinity powered stream! Lots of goodies out there to try. #ad


Twitter Web App : Excited to watch one of my favs! Elspeth now streaming Among Us ift.tt/2fGLehh

Twitter Web App : Bright) 's Twitter Profile">Bright hallowen 🎃 Oh sorry, did you mean this Bright) 's Twitter Profile">Bright ?

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Twitter Web App : Were LIVE~~~
I dont know why you keep eating the tubers.

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