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iPhone : The two universities with the most donations from pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, MIT & Harvard, are suing the Trump Administration for halting the flow of foreign students into our universities.

Both schools are being investigated for not reporting millions in foreign donations.

Twitter Web App : Our grandfathers would never believe that a radical Somali refugee was granted citizenship in America & then elected to Congress where she openly called for the dismantling of our system of government.

Twitter Web App : By calling our Founding Fathers "dead traitors" Sen. Tammy Duckworth has not only disgraced herself but also highlighted the hatred that Democrats have for the history of America.

Twitter for iPad : The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are social justice warriors in the same sense that Harvey Weinstein is a feminist, Katie Hill is a marriage counselor and Hillary Clinton is an IT security expert.

Twitter Web App : Names in Jeffrey Epstein's black book:
Prince Andrew
Doug Band
Sandy Berger
Graydon Carter
Bill Clinton
Chelsea Clinton
Katie Couric
Bill Cosby
Andrew Cuomo
Sarah Ferguson
Steve Forbes
Walter Isaacson
Mick Jagger
Ted Kennedy
John Kerry
David Koch
Marvin Minsky
George Mitchell

iPhone : President Trump is the ultimate symbol of the culture war in America.

When his administration tries to distance him from that war, he loses support.

When his administration embraces that war & tries to win it, he gains support immediately.

Like the Mt. Rushmore speech.

Twitter for iPad : David French A “conservative” Christian who thinks Drag Queen Story Hour is one of “the blessings of liberty” is now lining up to support Democrats who say the Founding Fathers are “dead traitors.” The transformation is complete!

Twitter Web App : Remember a month ago when the corporate media told us that Antifa did not exist?

Remember when the corporate media told us that Black Lives Matter only had peaceful protests?

Has any reporter retracted those lies? Of course not.

Twitter Web App : More than 1,000,000 foreign students are studying in American schools. That's 1M spots that didn't go to American students at our own schools.

Over 350,000 are Chinese students. Why do we allow the offspring of the Communist Chinese Party to attend our elite schools?


Twitter Web App : Great news: ICE has announced that foreign students with student visas must depart the United States if their school has changed to online-only classes starting this fall.

Like Harvard.

Twitter for iPad : On July 7th, 1520, at the Battle of Otumba, Hernán Cortés led a massively outnumbered army of Spanish conquistadors and Tlaxcaltec auxiliaries to victory against the Aztec Triple Alliance.

iPhone : I'm saddened by the passing of the great Charlie Daniels.

I was thrillled when he liked and retweeted some of my posts. That was a big deal in my family which has strong bluegrass & country roots. He was one of my favorite country musicians.

May God bless him and keep him.

iPhone : Dangerous & wrong.

If you believe (rightly) that black lives matter, these extreme Left policies are killing black lives. twitter.com/emeraldrobinso…

Twitter Web App : Our grandfathers would never believe that Congress would consider a bill called H.R. 6666 - COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.