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Twitter Web App : Different #SARSCoV2 strains havent yet had a major impact on the course of the pandemic—but they might in the future.—Ewen Callaway, September 10, 2020… @Nature

Twitter Web App : The richest country in the world is also the leader in flying blind; keep writing new chapters

Twitter Web App : A B.1.1.7 outbreak in Ontario, Canada
Covid cases:
127 nursing home residents
84 staff
21 household contacts
32 deaths…

Twitter Web App : Never has a creature with 30,000 letters done so much damage.
Or has science and medical research responded with such speed and success to take it on.

Twitter Web App : 3+ weeks later, the answer is no.
But it's still not too late…

Twitter Web App : This is not correct. SARS-CoV-2 is nothing like influenza virus from a virological or evolutionary standpoint.

A short thread on some big differences:…

Twitter Web App : The G Word: our new #sciencepodcast on all things #genomics. Not something you think you'll be interest in? Have a listen - you'll be surprised at how genomics is beginning to play a much bigger role in our #healthcare. @chris_wigley

Twitter Web App : Profiling a whole new leadership look on masks, yet w/ residual remarkable resistance from the prior anti-science administration.
I'd like to see Biden use the Defense Production act to get N95s made and distribute to all Americans ASAP to deal with the next chapter, B.1.1.7…

Twitter Web App : Through increased mitigation efforts and vaccination (particularly Israel) the UK, Ireland, and Israel are in case descent, achieving containment. Not yet in Portugal

Twitter Web App : That so many ~polio~ infections are asymptomatic should have been part of the science communications around COVID-19 earlier.…