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iPhone : Right now: LAPD are violenting attacking protesters with rubber bullets and batons only because they are reaching Beverly Hills. They are doing everything they can to protect white property and people.

iPhone : Fundraiser to help cover funeral expenses for Tony McDade, a Black trans man murdered by police this week in America. Please share and donate if you can. His family shouldn't be in this alone.…

iPhone : running with the white instigator narrative because you’d rather not fathom that black people could be angry enough in their grief to “destroy property”

iPhone : The “outside agitator” narrative is a trick bag. And here’s why.

City and state leadership have every incentive to draw attention away from the bad behavior of police.

They want us to ignore what we see with our own eyes. Cops escalating protests, itching for a fight.

iPhone : tired of trash governors posturing & sharing empty statements abt how we need to address racism when they have institutionalized power to take meaningful action: free people from prisons, provide for basic needs like housing, food, and health care... miss me w your bs

iPhone : protesters arrested in #oakland will be detained at santa rita jail where there are 3 positive cases of covid and 57 cases total

protestors should not be detained and detention should not be a death sentence. for anyone.

iPhone : So many Black celebrities have spent every single year since 2014 using the aesthetics of Black liberation to hoard wealth and insulate themselves from critique. Now there’s real revolution happening in the streets, the gap between their aet and their politics is on full display.