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Android : Perhaps the greatest anti-slavery speech ever uttered is “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July,” by Frederick Douglass, in 1852. I wanted to make the speech more accessible. Here’s a thread with an abridged version of the speech we should reread every #FourthofJuly. 1/

Android : Lakota land defenders have blocked access to the Trump rally at Mt Rushmore in the Ȟe Sapa, aka Black Hills! Nat'l guard on scene. Tear gas used. Arrests happening. Plz donate to bail.
venmo: @westriverbailfund (6892 if asked to confirm phone)

PayPal to: westriverbailfund@gmail

Android : After the murder of Breonna Taylor, Louisville city council has just voted 24-1 to INCREASE the police budget by $750,000 and to cut $775,000 from local libraries. This is structural violence.

Android : This is why she's there. This has always been the goal of "school choice" and other privatization advocates: to take public money meant to ensure that all Americans get a decent education, give it only to their already-privileged kids, and leave poor kids to die.…