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Twitter for iPad : @TheSloganBogan I wonder how slashing lifeline support in the middle of a pandemic and grandstanding about mental health will affect people.

Twitter for iPad : PRGuy Sadly, the suicide rate will probably increase over time but it’s not happening fast enough for these ghouls.
Imagine wanting to use suicide for political point-scoring, especially after their #robodebt and #agedcare disasters.
#Auspol #Arseholes

Twitter for iPad : GREG HUNT still trying to slam Victoria over mental health. Just appalling. Lockdowns worked and there was no increase in suicide. Meanwhile the Morrison government is scratching its head over how to get 3,000 robodebt refunds to dead people. #auspol

Twitter for iPad : ABC News Migration from VIC to QLD has always happened. Are there any numbers to support that this is happening more, or is this just LNP propaganda?

Twitter for iPad : #NoTimeForICAC you say? I'm not sure. Is #NoTimeForICAC trending? twitter.com/DanielBleakley…

Twitter for iPad : I was so busy campaigning for a state election in QLD that I had #NoTimeforICAC but I'm oh so focused on my job twitter.com/DanielBleakley…

Twitter for iPad : #NoTimeForICAC Scotty! twitter.com/jabberwocky198…

Twitter for iPad : Focusing on the big stuff... Watches, mean tweets, the national anthem, cubby houses and chook pens.

#NoTimeForICAC twitter.com/DanielBleakley…

Twitter for iPad : Not sure if #NoTimeForICAC is trending. #NoTimeForICAC #auspol twitter.com/DanielBleakley…

Twitter for iPad : Busy as, been working on do it yourself Kit’s for the girls at home. Next thing helping with the election for Deb in Qld, those fish are slippery up there. Not sure if it was worth the effort. Great photo ops though. #NoTimeForICAC twitter.com/danielbleakley…