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Bio Sports writer of year once upon a time. Host of #TheBlackEye (tortoiseshack.ie/the-black-eye/) where all support is welcome. Columnist with @irishindo. Pug dad.
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Twitter Web App : Shimon Prokupecz Dear god mate, your hysteria over trash is laughable. You're like an E News corr over a nose job. What a crying shame at a time for real journalism.

Twitter Web App : Paul Vercammen Haven't come across you before, but tonight was embarrassing. "The carcass of a burning car and Trader Joe's was graffitid". Mate, really. You're the weatherman pretending it's windy. Hope you don't have a passport. You wouldn't last past lunch. Hysteria. Pathetic.

Twitter Web App : Ewan MacKenna Tony - Pod Guy - Groves I´m loving The Black Eye. I think podcasting suits Ewan more than the rigidity of the lawyered 1,000 word article. Like Joe Rogan though, it will take time to match the format with the audience. This is worth a read if you didn´t see it. nytimes.com/2020/05/25/opi…

Twitter Web App : According to Fox they are now in a situation of anarchy due to black people's need to loot alcohol and jeans! Seriously. Via some bald lad who lectures in Minnesota University.

Twitter Web App : Sean McNamara Ah yes. Imagine of whites had been shipped from Africa, whipped for generations, then kept down, then told to live in ghettos, then told they can sit all over the bus but don't get cocky from their ghettos, and when they did they'd be murdered by cops.

Twitter Web App : Tina Smith You're so shockingly bad. Wealthy white woman stands in front of book shelf. Brief condemnation of death. Then a long complaint about the effect having ignored the cause. I live on a different continent and understand the anger better than you. It's incredible.

Twitter Web App : LOUISE But peace hasn't worked. The most dignified protests have seen facism creep. Would you be angry if Jews protests Nazism rather than handing a flower or some shit. Peace didn't work. It made it worse.

Twitter Web App : Sean McNamara Or that eight years is not enough to turn around a few hundred years of laws based on such, and the racism off institutions and standards over that time. If Israel elected a guy who was Arab, and after eight years Palestine didn't trust Israel...