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An ordinary dad who you can support on patreon! ✨ -- NSFW +18 WARNING --

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AD - A place where im both horny and sad. How original 😱. Private account of Felix_arts. Banner by @Lodoss and icon by @Benbencoo

iPhone : [商願2020-102226]
商標:[画像] (標準文字) /
出願人:トモコ イズミ キャンシエンヌ /
出願日:2020年8月18日 /

Twitter Web App : i heard you where good at ass eating, bruh, go on n show me that magic mouth

its been a while since i havent inked in traditional <3

Twitter Web App : wow, thank you, everyone! 😳💦

for anyone new: my plushes are handmade; I can’t sell the Aggretsuko ones but I’ve done giveaways

I have fun making them even if they make me $0 lol so I appreciate the support very much!

I also have a Twitch and YouTube channel! (@ kellyonelani)

Twitter for iPad : ikb👶 his floof would break his fall 🥺🥺🥺💦💦 wouldnt even make a sound when he hits the ground , awwwaaa
laurent & abbie expect almost a squeaky toy noise instead b/c of how small he is...