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Android : You think anti-fascists are the same as white supremacists? 🤨

Let me help you with a block, Lisa.

I’d rather not have you as a follower. twitter.com/lisamtee1/stat…

Android : If you’re wondering why Identity Evropa sounds familiar...

... it’s because they’re the neo-NAZIs that chant "you will not replace us” at rallies - most memorably the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

Android : Shocked. 😑

Twitter found “antifa” accounts pushing violent rhetoric were run by the white nationalist group Identity Evropa.

Next you’re going to tell me white supremacists were up to no good when they posted photos dressed as “antifa.” 🙄


Android : 🇺🇸 : Our doctors and nurses have to wear trash bags as safety equipment during a pandemic, because we don’t have money.

Also 🇺🇸 : Let’s use helicopters to disperse crowds of peaceful protestors.

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Android : China:


Russia: Aren’t you going to say anything about the US...

China: 🤫 Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.

Android : I’m shocked, in the end, by the way those of us who predicted all this were treated by America’s intellectual class. They failed at job one, protecting their democracy. Mostly because we were women and minorities so we were alarmists etc.

Android : What’s that old quote? “When fascism comes to America, it’ll be carrying a bible and wrapped in the flag?”

you mean like threatening martial law from the steps of a church

Android : The only real way out for american democracy now is to call Trump’s bluff. Is he really willing to declare martial law? To call on troops to mow people down? You have to show the emperor has no clothes. Otherwise, you lose.

Android : Demagogues win by bullying entire countries with threats like these: and only when those threats are revealed as empty and futile do countries regain their confidence and unity again.

Android : So this is kind of the final test for American democracy. If a prez can order troops to mow down people now, an election becomes a joke. Now the game of social collapse is serious, ultimate, and very real.

Android : They can’t give you food, housing or necessities during a pandemic. They can’t give you affordable education, they can’t give you healthcare and they can’t give you basic human rights but they’ll deploy military grade technology and police equipment on the streets

Android : Trump standing in front of a burnt church among a riot with a bible was a message that he is their warrior and that they are entering a Holy War.

It's hinting at an End Times battle, and it'll doubtlessly escalate tensions and possibly lead to violence.