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Bio The voice of voiceless, #Yazidi ppl. #Yezidis are ethno-religious group,#Ezidi is one of the oldest religions in the world. Like&RT≠Endorsement. #YazidiGenocide
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iPhone : وسط تفشي جائحة كورونا في عموم العراق، يعاني الايزيديون في مجمع گوهبل/سنجار من تفشي فيروس كورونا بشكل واسع و خطير في ظل نقص حاد في المعدات الطبية.
نناشدكم في اتخاذ اجرات الازمة لإنفاذ اهالي المجمع و المنطقة كلها من كارثة بعد ارتفاع عدد الوفيات اليومية.
Mustafa Al-Kadhimi مصطفى الكاظمي
Ministry of Health

iPhone : Yazidis are an ethno religious group brutally persecuted and suffered since Islamic State marauded into Sinjar in 2014, want nothing more than peace, security and a better life in their home town of Sinjar. Many Yazidis distrust both governments in Iraq (Baghdad and Erbil govts).

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iPhone : The media, in particular, has failed to recognize the crimes committed by ISIS female members, and on many occasions, they reported that these women are ‘ISIS brides’ without highlighting their role as a fundamental part of the terrorist organization


iPhone : Project gives voice to refugee population

▪️When we think about refugee women, and especially Yazidis in general, a lot of the literature is deficits-based and focuses on their problems and trauma


Twitter Web App : Now she is supporting her remain family members by her work, she added that with very sad feelings , can anyone tell me that what I’m going to do in shingal without home ,without work n without my dad💔

Twitter Web App : i met a #yazidi girl told me that I’m working as a cleaner with an organization which is in our IDP camp,my dad and oldest bro still in ISIS captivity so depending on that agreement we should return to shingal,I’m worrying and fearing about that too much cus i have nothing there/

iPhone : Yazidi Iraqi keeps tradition alive of arak-making from dates

Saad, 42, forced to flee his home town of #Bashiqa when it fell to Islamic State in 2014, he returned after the defeat and expulsion of the Islamic militants to reopen his small distillery.


Twitter Web App : To date, 55 Yazidi women, along with their 180 children, have been released from Al Hol camp since 2019 with the help of the authorities. They were transferred to the Maison Yézidie a refuge for this minority which suffered greatly at the hands of #DeludedFollowers.

Twitter Web App : Les Yézidis ont fait l'objet d'un nettoyage ethnique sans précédent. Le sort de milliers d'entre eux demeure inconnu.

Twitter Web App : 55 femmes yézidies, accompagnées de leurs 180 enfants, ont été libérées du camp dAl Hol depuis 2019 avec laide des autorités. Elles ont été transférés à la Maison Yézidie, un refuge pour cette minorité qui a énormément souffert aux mains de #DisciplesBernés

Twitter Web App : تم الإفراج عن 55 امرأة أيزيدية مع 180 طفلًا من #مخيم_الهول منذ عام 2019 حتى الآن. تم نقلهم إلى ميزون يزيدي ، وهو ملجأ للازيدين الذين عانوا بشدة على يد #أتباع_الضلال

Twitter Web App : القائد خيري شيخدرى عاد من المانيا من اجل الدفاع عن ارض الاباء و الاجداد و قدم حياته قرباناً لتراب شنكال.
استشهد بمعركة ضد خونة الملح والزاد في شنكال واصيب بشظية وتوفى على اثرها.

Twitter Web App : حنان الايزيدية من أهالي قرية كوچو ، كانت طالبة متفوقة في ثانوية كوچو حيث نجحت بمعدل 98 % من الصف الخامس العلمي حصلت على أعلى معدل في المدرسة عام 2014 ، كان حلمها أن تصبح طبيبة لخدمة الأيزيدياتي ..لكن الدولة الإسلامية داعش وقفت في طريقها وقتلها.

Twitter Web App : طالبة أيزيدية نازحة.. الأولى على العراق بمعدل %99.8

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Twitter Web App : مجمع الاتدلس كما اسماه نظام البعث
ونحن نسميه مجمع كوهبل.اصابات كثيرة بين الاهالي بفايروس كورونا ومركز صحي يفتقد لقناني الاوكسجين والوضع خطير ويحتاج تدخل وزارة الصحة وخلال الايام الماضية توفى 10 اشخاص .اغيثوا القرية ومن ثم اتفقوا على ادارة #سنجار.

iPhone : Over 400 Yezidi Abductees Expected to Be inside Syrias al-Hol Camp: Official

▪️ The Islamic State attacked Sinjar in 2014 and kidnapped more than 6,000 Yezidis, including men, women, and children.


iPhone : Iraqi Army arrested #Yezidis who have been fighting IS since years.
Iraqi army brigade 20 has under Kurdish commander of PDK has become a headquarter for Sunni parliamentarians to make plans to insult and disarm Yezidis
Iraqi army escaped from Shingal months before IS attacked

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Twitter Web App : 🎬The Grain Media film #IntoTheFire—which tells the story of Hana, a MAG team leader working to clear her Yazidi community of the deadly legacy of ISIS in #Iraq 🇮🇶—has screened at festivals in #Sweden 🇸🇪 & #Switzerland 🇨🇭 this month

🎥Watch it for FREE: youtu.be/F_5Lp6teKd8

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Twitter Web App : Brazilian photographer Marcio Pimenta's new photography book captures the intimate moments of the Yazidi people's return to their ancestral home in northern Iraq.

Twitter Web App : A number of civil society organizations in Shingal staged a protest today in front of an Iraqi army base, condemning the detention, and demanding release of two members of the YBŞ (Shingal Resistance Units), who were detained by an Iraqi army unit on 17 October after a quarrel.

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