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Twitter Web App : #IWD2021 "More than in any other country in the EU, Polish women’s rights are under attack again, by regressive & government policies that amount to full-blown war on women in the name of traditional values" #ProgressivePage THE PROGRESSIVE POST by Katarzyna Kotula


Twitter Web App : #IWD2021 - Gender equality is a key principle of the #Social Pillar. This should become a new foundation for the European project. After the Gothenburg proclamation, where I was EP negotiator, next step is the Action Plan to be adopted at the Porto Summit. euractiv.com/section/eu-cou…

Twitter Web App : On #IWD2021 FEPS special focus is expression of solidarity with Polish Women - in struggle in which they persevere standing for their and our rights. Thus we are so grateful to Katarzyna Kotula for her lead phenomenal article, we’ve had honour to publish progressivepost.eu/spotlights/you…

Twitter Web App : 3/3 #IWD21 A 10-point action plan for a Flag of European Union care economy by Dr Barbara Helfferich
➡️Train and educate family carers
➡️Promote self-care

Read the entire policy brief on #Care4Care: feps-europe.eu/attachments/pu…

Twitter Web App : 2/3 #IWD21 A 10-point action plan for a 🇪🇺 care economy by Dr Barbara Helfferich
➡️Secure sufficient public investments
➡️gender budgeting
➡️put care at the centre of economic activities
➡️Re-design the tax framework & re-direct substantial public investment

Twitter Web App : 1/3 #IWD21 A 10-point action plan for a 🇪🇺 care economy by Dr Barbara Helfferich:
➡️people-centred approach
➡️statistical analyses & indicators
➡️care checks & care-monitoring mechanisms
➡️investment in gender-proven public infrastructures
public investments

Twitter Web App : #IWD2021 Women perform a daily average of 4 hours & 25 minutes of unpaid care work against 1 hour & 23 minutes for men. Dr Barbara Helfferich explains why 🇪🇺 should #Care4Care (paid & unpaid work) & formulates a A 10-point action plan for a EU care economy

Twitter Web App : The action plan of the European Pillar of Social Rights will be launched at the upcoming Porto Social Summit, pushed forward by 🇵🇹 EU Presidency. FEPS President Maria João Rodrigues pointed out a need for serious commitment from the EU bloc.

Twitter Web App : Today is International Womens Day and were calling on Europe to #MakeHerCount! Check out our statement and stay tuned for more videos from our progressive family throughout the day. #IWD21


Twitter Web App : 📺It took a pandemic to realise that we depend on care. Despite the clapping, women -70% of the care workforce-, continue to work in precarious conditions, unpaid or not paid at all! Its time to #Care4Care !
#IWD2021♀️ #CareRevolution

👉Info: bit.ly/Care4CareFEPS

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Twitter Web App : #COVID19 has highlighted that in a time of crisis, the + vulnerable are – yet again – the ones who take the biggest hit. New issue of THE PROGRESSIVE POST. Contributions by Robin Huguenot-Noël Carlota Perez Siria Taurelli Birgit Sippel MEP Gesine Schwan & many +:

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Twitter Web App : #IWD2021 Watch our event on #Care4Care with S&D Group YES FES online: an exchange with #genderequality experts & care workers to identify the challenges & formulate progressive recommendations for a real shift towards a people-oriented EU!

iPhone : COVID-19 has devastating consequences & especially impacts women, who are taking up the majority of care responsibilities. As Maria João Rodrigues notes, women’s work is too often invisible. Its high time that this is fully valued & recognized! #MakeHerCount #IWD21 FEPS

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Twitter Web App : #FEPSTalks Tune in for an amazing intellectual journey with Enrique Baron Crespo, President of the FEPS Scientific Council and Ania Skrzypek, FEPS Director for Research and Training! How the EU legacy can shape the #FutureofEurope?


Twitter Web App : 🇩🇪 State Secretary Wolfgang Schmidt will participate in #ProgressSummit2021 Broadbent Institute. Join the discussions and explore progressive tax measures and income inequality and look toward a bold post-COVID recovery.


Twitter Web App : #COVID19 has uncovered long-standing fault lines in our society, but it showed that we can overcome great challenges when we work together.

Join #ProgressSummit2021 with Broadbent Institute to debate about progressive tax measures & income #inequality broadbentinstitute.ca/progress_summi…