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Bio Treaty 1 Antifascists exposing and organizing against the far-right on the Canadian prairies since 2017.
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Twitter Web App : It takes a community to combat hate
And we will continue to do so every time racists and " patriots" appear. We will not compromise and we will not allow them any space.…

iPhone : Just a reminder to everyone that Kevin J Johnston is one of the only people in Canada ever convicted of a hate crime and is a regular guest with our local goofballs Winnipeg Alt Media he’s a racist and he’s a scumbag but thinks he can be mayor of Calgary.…

iPhone : Very important thread on the intersection between the far-right and anti science anti mask movement in Canada, you won’t be surprised by any of this but it is alarming that the police seem to always treat these people with kids gloves while the intentionally put folks at risk.…

iPhone : Today is the 4th anniversary of FF1 we’d like to thank all those that jumped in whenever we’ve had an action. Because of you the last 4 years has proved this community will not take racist gangs lightly and we will confront and reject them at every turn. #pegcitydontplay

Twitter Web App : Celebrate the 4th Anniversary of FF1 by pre-ording some antifascist merch.
2 Designs available.
The Classic PCDP logo
and the new antifascist logo
TS 25/LS 30/Hoods 50
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etrans, credit card and cash on delivery available

Twitter Web App : same for the ones in MB there's a reason why we went after you weeks ago, there's a reason why we wanted you declare that you disbanded or left. This is the reason.. and like our fam in YEG.. you're welcome... we knew it was coming, so now about those tats? dm us we can help you.…

Twitter Web App : It looks like Proud Boys, The Base and Atomwaffen are being designated as Terror organizations today. Remeber who was on the frontlines exposing and challenging these groups and organzing against them for years, Newsflash: it wasn't your MP.…

Twitter Web App : It comes as no surprise to any antifascist that a proud boy leader is exposed as a giant rat. Proud boys are fascists, criminals, fraudsters, attention seekers and domestic terrorists. also giant coward man babies when they learn being a proud boy can cost you your job.…

iPhone : Fascists, ex proud boys, far right agitators, patriots and neo Nazis never seem to understand: when you contact an antifascist work place and say they’re being mean to fascists they don’t get fired they get raises. #pegcitydontplay

iPhone : Help YEG fam take out their trash.
There’s always a way out. And it starts with being accountable to yourSelf and the people around you.
You all know what’s coming. Better get out now while you can still save face.…

iPhone : There are many far right actors in this province, they are not going away, but we will do our part as always to shine a light and expose them.

White supremacy, neo colonialism and right wing death squads, will be challenged at every turn.

Expose.divest. Reject

iPhone : we’ve been getting several messages from supporters or the proud boys and from proud boys themselves about how they are just a “men’s club” when we say that proud boys support terrorism and the murder of their own citizens this is what we are talking about.…

iPhone : TommyBoy @edmontonaganst Yes we did, and we will continue to do so you are free to call our employers and advise them they have anti fascists and anti racists working for them, I’m gonna assume they’ll think there cool. Not so cool if you have a worker who’s part of a a wannabe right wing death squad.

iPhone : TommyBoy @edmontonaganst Did they stop? Did they disband? Yup that’s all we wanted, and sorry for using free speech and the free market to get the job done. If you’re proud be proud, it’s our job to inform communities that you are one and it’ll be individuals choice to engage or do business with them.

iPhone : The Manitoba proud boys were wise to disband and renounce themselves because this would of been the next step.…

Twitter Web App : Heres the interactive map of Parlers Geo Data in North America.. We cannot wait to find out and share with you any activity and idententies of those little white dots on the second map. Imagine, giving all your info to a bunch of billionaires and grifters only to have it hacked