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iPhone : I work in TV and I just want black Twitter to know that all these writers out here stealing y’all tweets and turning them into $$$$$.... y’all better recognize y’all talent

iPhone : Abolish genres in music artists and instead categorize individual songs by sonic nuances such as tempo (chill vs energetic)

iPhone : i have been looking for this clip for forever.

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iPhone : The way I’m impressed

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iPhone : my favorite moments are when my girls call me in need of a pep talk. if you need someone to remind you that you’re a bad bitch, call me.

iPhone : the Tender Foundation founded by jaycina is something you guys should look into supporting. Directly servicing single mothers.

Over the past two weeks they have distributed over 1,636 diapers and more to families around Atlanta.


iPhone : his voice is way deeper than i thought it would be. twitter.com/1djfirstclass/…

iPhone : me “being okay, regardless” doesn’t mean shit if everyone around me is struggling.

iPhone : a lot of people that still have jobs, have them becauset those unemployed people have money to patron at your establishment. you’ll be next, when your company can’t afford to pay you anymore.

iPhone : if the 600 ends before this covid shit clears a little and employment goes back to normal... please understand that shit is going to hit the fan. lmao y’all gonna laugh yourselves right into the GREATEST depression.