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Far Left Hate Watch ❌Labour is a racist endeavour

Bio Dedicated to exposing the violence, hatred, racism, anti-Semitism & bigotry from the far-left, for the good of the UK & beyond.
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Twitter Web App : Is anyone buying that DimLib’s massive Vote-by-Mail plan is secure? I can confirm that voter rolls are 33% full of moved people/dead people. They will be sending 12 ballots to a home that has been sold 4 times. Old names are active. We can’t accept this fraud. #maga #tcot #kag twitter.com/pamelageller/s…

Twitter Web App : No, Starmer’s Labour would instead simply restore most of the aspects of life in the EU that prompted people to vote for Brexit: ending points-based immigration, restoring free movement and following EU rules over which we lack control. twitter.com/Telegraph/stat…

Twitter Web App : Everyday I see a new # about why some Tory politician or advisor should resign.

This from a Twitter crowd that thought Corbyn was fit to be PM and voted to keep him in office even after his support for terrorists and Jew haters was known.

Twitter Web App : Last question/s.... this one from me.

Why the hell hs the media not asked any of these questions themselves? Why have they shown no interest in arguably the greatest scandal in modern American history?

A: Because they’re not journalists they’re liberal activists! twitter.com/SteveGuest/sta…

Twitter Web App : The Dom Cummins non-story is triggering all the right people. Trouble is, others are being sucked in because of the media's relentless hackery.

There is nothing to see here.

Twitter Web App : Young people at low risk for coronavirus are enjoying life.

Meanwhile Governor Cuomo forced nursing homes, which housed high risk patients, to accept those within coronavirus. twitter.com/maxbaker_15/st…

Twitter Web App : 20-Yr-Old Boxer (patient) Was Moved to Michigan Nursing Home BECAUSE HE HAD COVID19! -- Beat 77 Yr-Old Veteran

WTF! COVID19 cases sent to Nursing Homes! Did Gov. Half-wit learn nothing from NY. What do D'RATS have against veterans in Nursing Homes?


3 wks ago I drunkenly discovered an INTENTIONAL pedophile symbol in the California Governor’s Twitter header, which went viral enough for him to TAKE IT DOWN just 48 hrs later. I promised you a thread w/ some rabbit holes, and here we are!

Twitter Web App : Hey jack, ur buddy Tommy here! how’s things?

I’m just wondering if we are still enforcing those “misinformation” rules?

Cause it appears Joe Biden just accused Donald J. Trump of murdering 36,000 ppl!

Can u get ur independent fact checkers on this?

Concerned Citizen twitter.com/joebiden/statu…

Twitter Web App : 👇 Keir Starmer had better armour up!

The EHRC report on Labour anti-semitism is finally due. twitter.com/milkmedianewyo…

Twitter Web App : Piers Morgan It’s amazing how the left are all moaning about how unclear the government guidance has been but as soon as they get a sniff of a scandal they’re now all saying the guidelines couldn’t be clearer!

Twitter Web App : Since it is impossible for black people to be racist, any white person who is not being racist is committing behavioural blackface.

Therefore, all non-racist white people are racist.

Twitter Web App : Here we see raccoon of Joe Biden convincing black Pusslim that he must vote for him or he not actually black

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