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iPhone : Suzanne Evans ..it stops the outgoing virus, so if you are affected & asymptomatic, you are not spreading it. Therefore if everyone wears one, all are protected. Look at New Zealand. It’s simple really

iPhone : Suzanne Evans They do work. What people are not understanding is if there were enough N95 masks then only those who wanted protection could wear them. But there are not. So everyone needs a mask. The regular mask you wear does not protect you, it protects those around you..

iPhone : Suzanne Evans I wore a mask 10+ hours a day in surgery for 40 years. It does not hurt you. It may take a day or two to get used to it, then you forget it is there. Perhaps try wearing at home in your house all day for a couple of days, where you feel comfortable.

iPhone : Block or charge?

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iPhone : Public health experts agree: Forcing schools to reopen without providing them with the resources they need to do so safely is dangerous, reckless, and the last thing we should do.