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iPhone : Sanders has 40% of the delegates and won 42% of the RED state of Idaho even with rigging, corruption, MSM bias, & a suspended campaign. If Democrats really wanted to beat Republicans, they know what to do. That’s clearly not their objective.

iPhone : This is the current result even with Sanders suspending his campaign. Goes to show you that the establishment is really bad at this, even with the rigging, even with the bought media & help from corrupt individuals in Bernie’s campaign, they still suck. It’s that close. Still.

iPhone : I think there will be a spike. Slightly bc more people in many states will be out as states are opening up. However I also think that unless we get UBI & actual help small businesses we shouldn’t expect them to not reopen. Also this is the time to demand Medicare for all

iPhone : Be honest. If our government really wanted to stop COVID-19, we’d have UBI and Medicare for All right now. The fact we don’t shows you they’re not really trying to save people.

iPhone : I don't know who needs to hear this (yes I do) but anyone who claims to take human rights or a free press seriously should be horrified by what's happening to Assange. You don't have to like him to oppose his treatment. That's a kind of basic liberal tenet…

iPhone : Tyt, majority report , Pakman are all pushing for vote blue no matter who , I told you all this for the past year or so , others have been saying so for far longer yet nobody wanted to listen.

This is why the movement died.