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Bio 🌊Mental traveler taking the long way around. I stand by your side resisting 🌊 #wtp2020 #StayingHome
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iPhone : Donald J. Trump what about that 13-year-old girl you raped? You let her live but I am sure she has suffered her entire life from your actions. Hell there is a list of woman who swears you have assaulted them.

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iPhone : Bean I want to be surprised. I’m not. Go ahead shoppers explain trip to Ross to our beloved that have passed & their families & friends.

Damn it’s so selfish.

iPhone : My idol growin up?
Was Stevie Y
The “C”aptain
& on the ice
He’d fly.
He lit the lamp🚨
& a 3-time champ
But his HAIR
I swear
How could the ladies
Not stare?
I wanted it
But ma?
Wouldn’t commit
2 a mullet
But now
W/ #StayHome
I don’t WANNA trim
Ima grow it just like him
: )

iPhone : Harnessing energy sources is a high risk/ high reward business. Whether it be hydro, off shore drilling, mining, etc. Corporations would rather spend $ to litigate than to follow safety regulations. And that puts the “little man” in danger...

iPhone : This makes me go to a place so low. It’s indescribable, as I’m sure ya’ll are with me here…