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iPhone : George Floyd
Breonna Taylor
Ahmaud Arbery
Christian Cooper

Structural racism has influenced how laws in America are enforced. This is not new. It’s been going on for generations. But we canβ€”and we mustβ€”reform these systems and hold those accountable who abuse them.

iPhone : Josh Dawsey Felicia Sonmez they will be impeached starting 1/20/21 if any of them are of the caliber of the lot you have just confirmed. NUT JOBS BIGOTS RACISTS. TERM LIMITS ARE COMING TO @SCOTUS AND ALL FEDERAL JUDGES.

iPhone : Put June 14th on your calendar....
On Trump's birthday the world is going to bomb him with pictures of President Obama...!!!!! Pass it on.

iPhone : Active agent in magic mushrooms could treat addiction, depression and anxiety. "60 Minutes" reports, tonight cbsn.ws/2McZIVL