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Twitter for iPad : RT, share.. shame the BBC.

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Twitter for iPad : Dominic Cummings has now admitted repeatedly breaking the lockdown rules.

Of course, he thinks he has an excuse - that those rules didn’t really apply to him - but we absolutely do not agree.

Please RT if you don’t either.

Twitter for iPad : We’re absolutely disgusted that Boris Johnson has put protecting Dominic Cummings above the health of this country

Please RT if you are too

Twitter for iPad : I’d rather have a burgundy coloured EU passport than a blue coloured UK-only passport. I’d rather be an internationalist than an isolationist. Please retweet if you agree.

Twitter for iPad : This superb video has now clocked past 3 million views.

It’s a brutal 3-minute summary of New Zealand’s success vs the UK’s failure. Keep sharing it.

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Twitter for iPad : Illinois has seen a significant increase in calls to poison control the past two days, the public health director said, including calls about people ingesting cleaning solutions and bleach cnn.it/2SnO11t

Twitter for iPad : Night night everyone

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Twitter for iPad : Dorset Eye are reporting that when the PM was admitted to hospital, all staff were required to sign the official secrets act. 2 doctors who disagreed with his diagnosis refused, and were sent home "on leave". One of the doctors said " if he has Covid19 I am not a doctor.

Twitter for iPad : If everyone who is grateful for NHS staff right now followed and retweeted, we would reach a million by midnight.

It will take just two seconds to do, and you can help us share important information that could help save lives.

Twitter for iPad : Was actually disgusted (but not surprised) reading this in The Times this morning. British government really don't get it do they? twitter.com/PeterStefanovi…

Twitter for iPad : So after giving themselves a 3% pay rise MPs have now been awarded an additional £10,000. All while #NHS and #SocialCare staff can't even get enough #PPE to keep themselves and the nation safe.

As #Nurses we wonder when Matt Hancock will start listening?

iPhone : I don’t want to be miserable, and Leo Varadkar is practising what he preaches here, but being Taoiseach is also a v busy and important role atm.

Forming a new Govt asap, given the caretaker Govt can no longer enact legislation, is also extremely urgent.