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Bio Self-interested piety empowers evil people. Evil is a secular reality, name it.
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iPhone : and for context on the bureaucratic ritualism framework Professor Megan Davis speaks of here for the Family is Culture report, see her essay “Gesture Politics” (2015).

themonthly.com.au/issue/2015/dec… twitter.com/als_nswact/sta…

iPhone : Is this a whole new level of corrupt behaviour? We're talking about nearly *$2 trillion* being divvied up for different treatment according to a very small group of people's prejudices and networks. theguardian.com/australia-news…

iPhone : BREAKING: Parliamentarians across the planet unite to makeamazonpay.com.

Last Friday, a new global movement mobilized to demand justice from @Amazon.

Today, over 400 MPs across 34 countries pledge to stand with that movement in a letter to CEO Jeff Bezos.

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iPhone : Karly notes that a disproportionate number of Aboriginal young people who grow up in the out-of-home care system are later forced into the quicksand of the youth justice system. The state assumes the role of both parenting and punishing.

iPhone : Nearly a fifth of the Aboriginal children who were taken from their parents were 6 months old or younger, says Emma Buxton-Namisnyk, who also worked on the review team. Some Aboriginal women avoid pre/neo-natal health services because they fear their babies will be taken.

iPhone : Professor Davis and her team looked at FACS through the concept of bureaucratic ‘ritualism’ - large bureaucracies can develop their own cultures which can be indifferent/resistant to the intentions of legislators. Policies don’t consistently filter through to practice.

iPhone : Corporate power in Australian politics: A crystal clear perspective ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Corporate Power in Australia johnmenadue.com/corporate-powe… via @EMAILiT

iPhone : After one of the most intense droughts in the state’s history, NSW has finally seen some good rain. This has led to increased risk of grass and crop fires as seen in recent weeks. Learn more about the threat across the state: issuu.com/nswrfs/docs/bu… #NSWRFS

iPhone : when leaving for work, I always open the front door up really wide, go to another room for no reason, trot back with a performative spring in my step, then fetch my briefcase from behind the front door, step out, pause to preen, and put the briefcase in the boot of my car.

iPhone : anyway I often critique media on here so congrats on reporting some actual news, that being the news of our bone idle bludging prime minister being driven to his workplace this morning.

iPhone : Legends. We shouldn’t be destroying country to fuel a gas led recovery. #GamilMeansNo twitter.com/jamiesonmurph/…