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iPhone : Frank McVeety Rachel Notley My wife and I walked our dog through the Leg grounds that day.

The only hate we heard was from the Black clad BLM/Antifa types. The same ones that the NDP march hand in hand with

Rachel Notley is out of touch

iPhone : It will get him elected if he scraps the Carbon Tax and exits the UN.

Suspend Foreign Aid BS for 5 years. It might work if we get the potheads to pay attention.

But can he keep a promise?…

iPhone : Finally, we are hearing some positive news from the Conservative party. Now, I want to hear a major reduction in Trudeau's planned two million UN MIGRANTS he is planning on dragging in here.…

Twitter Web App : Trudeau Defence Minister 'failed to take action for three years' on sexual abuse allegations against Gen. Jonathan Vance…

iPhone : I was at the Calgary "PRO FREEDOM" protest. I find it funny that the government officials labeling it as racist never attended it - so where do they get their information? They are pushing racism/division - THEY ARE (no one else). NDP have an agenda - it isn't a good one.…

iPhone : Mark OFarrell Frank McVeety I truly believe, as with jr, they have no clue. They are just throwing out numbers that would make an impact in buying votes. If they had a clue, we would have had a budget and a plan. They have yet to tell us where they and Canada stands.

Twitter Web App : WATCH: Trudeau refutes China: “OBVIOUS” that ‘Two Michaels’ arrest connected to Meng Wanzhou… via Rebel News