The Cyprus Rape Case #believeme #AyiaNapa (@FreeHer4Justice )

The Cyprus Rape Case #believeme #AyiaNapa

Bio EnglishTeen #believeme VICTIM of Brutal Gang-Rape & Cypriot Serious Gross Miscarriage Of Justice.Appeal to be heard in Cyprus Supreme Court

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Android : I'm getting very angry about this case.

Maybe it's because I had the same police officer.
Same pathologist.
Same bigoted courts.
Even put in the same cells in Paralimni for no good reason.

Or maybe, it's because I know the system is corrupt.

Android : This is how someone who got caught up in the Cypriot legal system is being treated. Booking a holiday? #BoycottCyprus…

Android : "Just looking at TripAdvisor the hotel that she was staying at theres other reports of people breaking in & attempted rapes
‘Thats one hotel over one summer season & there’s 100s of hotels #AyiaNapa
This is not an isolated incident, the place isn’t safe"…

Android : Napa is wild in general. But Pambos Pool is probably one of the wildest spots there. Drink, drugs, sex, death. It's brutal

Android : Cyprus rape case: I woke to find man on me at hotel

A female guest of the hotel at the centre of the Cyprus “rape” case complained of finding a man on top of her in her bedroom weeks before the young woman in the case alleged shed been sexually assaulted…


Teen who stayed at #AyiaNapa ‘rape’ hotel woke up with intruder pinning her to bed weeks before Brit,19 ‘attacked’

"she went with her pals to report the horror to reception,but they "couldn't care less" & said it's nothing to do with them"…

Android : The comments on this news post are absolutely sickening. A cover up to protect Ayia Napa tourism perhaps? What a shambles. What a poor young woman now facing life as the ‘accused’ instead of the victim 😢…

Android : @cyprus_police arrested the gang of 12 & detained them ALL in the SAME cell

Αστυνομία Κύπρου) 's Twitter Profile">Αστυνομία Κύπρου only seized 5 out of 11 mobiles from the gang

- Evidence was NOT downloaded from 5 mobiles seized by #MariosChristou

- Gang deleted footage of the night of alleged gang rape


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Android : "In some cases, Cypriot Police Officers did not even check if the mobile phones of the victims were operating while in one case police took testimonies from those close to the victim three months after the disappearance report was filed"


Android : Det Christu tricked the vunerable Teen into going to the station
She was interrogated 6+hrs while suffering with PTSD
He shouted at her what to write
She was not allowed a Lawyer
He threatened her
She tried to escape!
Next day she was in court
then imprisoned

Here he is laughing…

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Android : Decades of abuse towards women,
particularly tourists
Where rape complainants are held hours on end until they retract their statements or face prison!
& where the accused are never put on trial
If your daughter is thinking of going to #AyiaNapa #Cyprus you need to watch this👇🏼…

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signing the statement,was the only way i was getting out of there alive

he was violating so many human rights

he kept shouting at me & smacking the table with his hand

It was only me & him in the room
(she asked many times for a lawyer)

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This fight is important,not only for her, but for other victims of sexual violence

Campaigners are worried others,in case like this see, will see other victims not come forward

#ibelieveher #believeme #AyiaNapa #iwasblamed #BoycottCyprus

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Android : Her friend was terrified as she heard Marius threatened to come after them

My neck was so swollen id not eaten in days or drank water as on so much medication
I cannot explain the anxiety, stress & utter confusion & bewilderment of the situation i was in


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Android : Cyprus 'Keystone Cops' police force put teenager through hours of questioning by detectives that was neither recorded nor attended by a lawyer. The Cypriot justice system is not fit for purpose.…

Android : Theres growing domestic concern about the case in Cyprus An editorial column in the English language newspaper Cyprus Mail said the case was a “PR disaster” for the island’s police force and had made them “look like Keystone Cops to the rest of the world”…