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Android : Popularity > meritocracy
Potential > proven
Youth > expertise
Education > experience

Academic hiring is weird, to put it in neutral terms, and all kinds of f'ed up and discriminatory.

Android : Detail from…
showing that recent assistant professor hires in history were significantly more likely to be fresh out of their PhDs than not. The longer away you are from graduation, the less likely you are to get hired. Dylan Ruediger

Android : Jennifer Polk, PhD Loved my PhD experience because of my advisor & peers. They buffered me from the harshness& malignancy of academic culture until my postdoc. I see academia as one big MLM/pyramid scheme that does the opposite of freeing minds & unleashing creativity.

Android : 4 months later, smiling everyday like I finally own my life.

Grad school? The focus needs to (re)shift from fancy names & recognitions to *really* teaching trainees how to solve problems and communicate with others.

Academia? Biggest scam after credit scores.…