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Twitter Web App : When I see people coming for leftists I dont feel attacked cause tbh I dont recognize half the mfs in the category as bein anything like me, let alone my ally.

Men’s wrongs I can own, white folks problems are my problems, communists actin up I have to address, but leftists? Nah

Twitter Web App : vivi True but most of the people who roast me do it through quote tweets and *my* followers are dope af

Twitter Web App : Or maybe it’s Rainey? Either way they’re right

Twitter Web App : I always tell people, twitter quote tweet fights make everyone look like a baby who cant handle a fight in the comments. Amanda’s right about this 100% twitter.com/RaineyTheCommi…

Twitter Web App : Cosmo ⚙️🌾 Its so easy too. “Hey Im tryin to be less racist, what exactly do yall want? Ok cool how can I support? Got it.” And then just go do it

Twitter Web App : I dont wanna hear any of yall calling black separatists racists. A colonized nation has control over its own destiny. If it chooses to share land with colonizers great but it damn sure aint for white people to say. twitter.com/shantilly_t/st…

Twitter Web App : Bethany✌ Its a challenge but I do a lot of my discussion with my online theory reading groups. TN Spittin has a great group thats open for lefties to come check out

Twitter Web App : cheeky banta for the revolution I tell people this a lot. “Oh but I dont wanna be inauthentic”
No, sorry, it’s a choice between a personality based on the path of least resistance or actually putting in effort. Authentic doesn’t mean accidental.

Twitter Web App : shantilly Also lol@ that one white socdem defending Marx/Lenin to you when I am POSITIVE he shits on them in every single other discussion on twitter. Cant let nonwhite folks have an opinion go unchallenged though I guess.

Twitter Web App : shantilly People getting wild in the comments with you about that are my least favorite type of “leftist” because they somehow read all those words and missed out on the fundamental basis of compassion and respect for their fellow humans that drives all communist thought.

Twitter Web App : “Gomer, Ive read plenty by myself and I think Im ok.”

Maybe, but how good are you at discussing your politics? Can you sum up a thought in 4 sentences with 8th grade words? If not, you may understand theory less than you think you do.

Learn from others. I do constantly.