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iPhone : Keeping nation safe must be top priority for PM, yet heโ€™s appointed National Security Adviser with no defence or security experience!

So I asked Michael Gove why does Govt hate hiring experts?
At this rate, PM will be advocating his plumber to be next England football manager!

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iPhone : This apology is atrocious, toxic and deeply insulting. Radio silence from #ManLikeMobeen cast! Don't # 'silence is violence' for #BLM & say nothing about your problematic abusive friend. #yoursilenceiscomplicit Disgusted. Tez, you deserve no career after this. twitter.com/tezilyas/statuโ€ฆ

iPhone : Imagine doing something so shitty even Theresa May wonโ€™t tolerate it

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iPhone : So, you wonโ€™t wear a mask because God will protect you..... then why do you need to carry a gun ๐Ÿค” #COVID19 #Republicans #MaskUp

iPhone : Iโ€™d rather live next door to someone who crossed the oceans with a child to escape death and violence and want a better life, than a citizen who would point and wave guns at peaceful protesters.