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Twitter for iPad : Mad Maxine BLAMES Trump 4 Cops Killing Black People🙄
A black man gets killed in Minneapolis, it’s Trump’s fault. When hundreds of thousands of black men got killed during Obama’s 2 terms in office-black-on-black murders of course Hussein wasn’t blamed🤨…

iPhone : There’s no one who should be FACT CHECKED more than Mainstream Media who are detrimental to this country & it’s President
Media’s pushed☝🏼conspiracy after another
NEVER recanting #CNN told lies regularly about #Russia #Flynn & Trump
Jim Acosta is a HYPOCRITE to call President a liar

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Twitter for iPad : Listen Kayleigh McEnany school those on Mail-In-Voting🥊 Trying to intimidate her about her🗳11x by mail🤨
President isn’t saying you can’t mail-in-vote but Democrats want a State wide MANDATORY mail-in which leads to #VoterFraud when THOUSANDS of residents r dead or are non residents

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Twitter for iPad : 81% of Minnesota #COVID19 Deaths are from NURSING HOMES but Facilities still ALLOWED to admit POSITIVE PATIENTS

One wonders if there wiping out a GENERATION who remembers a PATRIOTIC AMERICA
🙏🏻in school
Abortion was illegal
Presidents respected…

iPhone : 43% of 🇺🇸Deaths are from 0.6% of population
NY & NJ GOV orders for COVID19 elderly sent to nursing homes? Was it known & medical reports elderly most at risk
Ignorance is a choice

iPhone : Japan has ENDED its state of emergency 4 #WuhanVirus w/ just 851 deaths & WITHOUT EVER having a LOCKDOWN

👉States in USA have weaponized the virus against Americans
It’s about social control & Liberals will KEEP this CONTROL AS LONG AS WE LET THEM

iPhone : Since 2016 the Left has gone after online platforms 4 being Neutral-not again😠

Social Media companies can’t go to Congress-testify under oath their non political bias & then be opinion journalist by engaging in their OWN partisan view points-it’s deceptive business practice👊

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iPhone : A 103-year-old Massachusetts woman, Jennie Stejna, beats the coronavirus, and celebrates with a Bud Light.


iPhone : This is the 18th in my state/territory series.

Please feel free to use my memes/graphics to promote your state.

Kansas: Vote RED down the line and stay free!

iPhone : Oh but there is no Voter Fraud huh!!

Mail-In Voting FAIL: South Carolina Ballots Mysteriously Appear in Maryland This Week…

iPhone : France only did this because of the WHO. We need out of WHO. Hydroxychloroquine is a cheaper drug. Remdesivir I read has caused PROBLEMS also. The WHO is corrupt. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

France Bars Use Of Hydroxychloroquine In COVID-19 Cases…