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iPhone : Fauci and Birx doing this victory lap w/ the Trump loss & being all “it was much worse than you think” to liberal applause is fucking wild. One stood by nodding as a guy suggested drinking bleach would cure the thing & the other mislead ppl abt masks knowing it was aerosol spread twitter.com/byyourlogic/st…

iPhone : can someone tell the biden administration I do not care who is on the $20 bill as long as they send a bunch of them to my bank account today

iPhone : The cinematography in Godzilla vs. Kong is already fucking immaculate. Look at these compositions and the films use of color. This is going to be one of the most visually stunning and striking blockbusters in recent memory. Only a few blockbusters use color/framing THIS well.

iPhone : turns out single men over 30 who use twitter all the time are weird. literally who on earth could have foreseen this

iPhone : so much responsibility placed on a vehicle, almost none for the person operating the vehicle.

iPhone : Dreamflower No Comprendo Definitely wouldn't hate it. Alabama is a super underrated naturally beautiful state. The politics suck butthole but there's a solid chunk of folks here working real hard to change that. It does get hot as Hades in the summertime though.