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Sprout Social : How has the USMCA helped YOUR state?

Learn more here⤵️…

Sprout Social : In the 1993 NAFTA debate Biden admitted he wasn’t an “expert on international trade” but believed that as far as “creating jobs or losing jobs,” NAFTA would be a “wash.”

👎Yet he voted for it👎

Biden isn't an advocate for American jobs. Pres. Trump is.

USMCA puts AmericaFirst!

Sprout Social : TUNE IN NOW!…

Sprout Social : ”For Latino businesses USMCA increases the opportunities for their goods and services to access to international markets.” ⁦Yali Nuñez⁩…

Sprout Social : “Thanks to the leadership of President Trump, the USMCA will foster prosperity for Wisconsinites and all of America through the remainder of the 21st century and beyond.” -Ronna McDaniel…

Sprout Social : “The greatest asset we have in our military is our men and women, our soldiers, our sailors, all of the people in our military, and I’m here to protect them.”—Donald J. Trump

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Sprout Social : “The market is just a little bit shy, not much, of where it was and before we had the highest market in history. Were not very far off of that.”—Donald J. Trump

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Sprout Social : REMINDER: Biden has:
*forgotten Obama’s name (Repeatedly)
*forgotten basic American history (like the words to the Declaration of Independence)
*forgotten which position he is running for in 2020…

Sprout Social : Due to NAFTA, the US auto sector LOST 350,000 jobs between 1994 & 2018.

Meanwhile, the Mexican auto sector GAINED 430,000 workers.

NAFTA helped other countries. USMCA helps AMERICA.

Starting TODAY, Pres. Trump's trade agreement puts American industries first🇺🇸

Twitter Media Studio : President Trump promised to throw out NAFTA & get a great deal for America’s workers.

The USMCA goes into effect TODAY. It will spur investment, create high-paying jobs, & put us on equal footing with our neighboring trade partners.

Elizabeth Harrington breaks down the USMCA ⬇️

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Sprout Social : In 1993, Biden supported NAFTA & downplayed arguments against it—calling them “vastly, vastly, vastly overblown.”

NAFTA killed THOUSANDS of American jobs & put other countries' workers before our own.

Pres. Trump's #USMCA—to be put into effect today—puts #AmericaFirst!

Sprout Social : Today, the #USMCA goes into effect!

It will create hundreds of thousands of jobs for American farmers, workers, and manufacturers.

Donald J. Trump promised to fix decades worth of bad trade deals, and he’s delivered!

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Sprout Social : TODAY, Donald J. Trump's #USMCA goes into effect!

The USMCA has the potential to add nearly 600K jobs to our economy & grow our GDP by $235 BILLION.

Despite Dems' fight to stonewall its passage, USMCA has been lauded as a victory for the Trump Admin—even by the #MSM!

Sprout Social : “Americans want law and order. They want safety and security … They support our law enforcement.” -Lee Zeldin

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Sprout Social : Joe Biden did it again.

During a fundraiser he, once again, reminded voters that he has fully embraced an agenda to raise taxes on millions of Americans.…

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Sprout Social : Today’s SCOTUS ruling is a historic win for families who want SCHOOL CHOICE NOW! #SchoolChoice is a civil rights issue, and no parent should have to send their child to a failing school. I will continue to fight for School Choice and will always defend Religious Freedom!