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Twitter Web App : Her name is Brandi Vinsonhaler. She should be charged just like Amy Cooper.…

Twitter Web App : Mayor Bill de Blasio You what’s long overdue?! You finding and arresting Lauren Balsamo for assaulting a queens woman in a bagel shop.
Do you’re job sir! #arrest #laurenbalsamo

Twitter Web App : I’m sorry #California bit your asses would’ve stayed home and worn a damn mask, it wouldn’t even come to this. STAY YOUR ASS HOME!

Twitter Web App : Mayor Bill de Blasio NYC DOT Gee mayor you moved on that quickly! Which begs the question, why has it taken over a month to locate and arrest #laurenbalsamo
The people of this beautiful city want answers!

Twitter Web App : 24 Hour Fitness i would like you to respond to your lax #mask policy I’m your #Aurora #denver #gyms
Denver has a mandatory policy but you are not enforcing while at workout stations. This is not enough! Please keep your members safe!
#Covid_19 #corona #24fitness

Twitter Web App : This will happen at 24 Hour Fitness gyms in Colorado if you don’t enforce mandatory face masks while at the gym! Looking at you #aurora and #denver clubs!…

Twitter Web App : Only Chan Sung Jung Can save us from these idiot judges and free us of the fire hydrant sized man who holds the 135lb belt! The Zomie must make his tribute to the CTE gods and Alex Volkanovski is tribute.
#ufc #mma #espn #blessedrobbed

Twitter Web App : Mayor Bill de Blasio You need to join the multitude of citizens asking for you to find and arrest Lauren Balsamo! Enough is enough! #arrest #laurenbalsamo
#nyc #Covid_19