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🚂T🚎R🚎U🚎M🚎P🚋2020 Win Win

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Twitter Web App : A 77 yr old retired African American Police Officer was murdered last night by looters while protecting a pawn shop

These riots R NOT uniting 🇺🇸but destroying ALL hard working Americans

.Donald J. Trump & Loomer4Congress want prosperity 4 ALL

$ to

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Twitter Web App : BREAKING: #Apple Freezes Browse Feature of Music App & Replaces it With ‘F**k tha Police’ Playlist

Because Slavery Incorporated really cares about “justice.”


Twitter Web App : A gang of wanna be Antifa/BLM soy boy thugs cane to my town to start trouble last night.

Thankfully they were met by 100’s of patriots willing to defend us and they all ran away crying!

Yes, this is in CA!

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Twitter Web App : AG Barr Responds to Judge Emmet Sullivan's Actions in General Flynn Case with Massive Fire Power thegatewaypundit.com/2020/06/ag-bar… via Jim Hoft

Twitter Web App : When are they going to be held accountable for the Coup. Accountibility would go a long way to stopping all the crap coming from the Left. twitter.com/k_y_c_01/statu…

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