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iPhone : Let’s not pretend that there is a race related uprising in the US and UK. This is a small group of idiots in the central parts of cities. The majority of people are living their lives.

iPhone : So, so glad millions lost their job and we devastated the economy for a very serious virus that everyone forgot about overnight

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iPhone : Dominic Cummings went on a long drive - yet observed #SocialDistancing rules throughout

RT if you agree that what #BLM protesters are doing is far worse, as they flagrantly flout those rules (with impunity) and knowingly risk spreading the virus among their high risk group

iPhone : Victoria Derbyshire 🌞 F.A.K.E Fascism is a form of government that is a type of one-party dictatorship. They work for a totalitarian one-party state. This aim is to prepare the nation for armed conflict, and to respond to economic difficulties. Fascism puts nation and often race above the individual. Nigel 🤔

iPhone : Why can’t I stop watching this

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iPhone : ‘United’ Kingdom has 3 different lockdown relaxations:

In England you can meet 6 people, 2 metres apart

In Wales you can meet 2 households within 5 miles, but can’t take a pee

And in Scotland - all you can do is stare at the crazy sign language lady

iPhone : BBC Breaking News Can you not just get a test on your return to the UK and self isolate until you have the results. Negative = you can go out/work and positive = you stay in! Is that too simple or am I missing something here? #covid