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Bio Philosopher mostly working on phil. of mind & language, with a weakness for Kant & Hegel. Lapsed Catholic. Chinese philosophy stan. Esoterically Neoplatonic.
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Android : "who was your favorite liberal?"
normal person: what the fuck why would i have a favorite liberal who does that

any "left" economist: "though I may not agree with his views, it is absolutely imperative that we answer to the gauntlet of Friedrich Hayek, for he truly was able to twitter.com/tragicbios/sta…

Android : Prof. S. P. Cooper 📚 This is what was bothering me! I'll probably come back to it but playing Galaxy reminded me how much I loved it (it was the first Mario game I 100% completed). The motion controls also translate to the Switch surprisingly well!

Android : evan's cooking tip #4: if you're melting butter in the microwave and hear an unexpected pop, that's the sound of the butter exploding. this indicates that you've left it in the microwave too long