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iPhone : I really need folks to stop retweeting videos of black children being assaulted by cops. It’s traumatizing. It’s disrespectful. You can raise awareness without throwing that into people’s feeds with no warning.

(Adults, too. Just... be thoughtful about those images.)

iPhone : LA Public Health Announces 48 News Deaths Related to #COVID19 and 2,112 New Cases of Confirmed COVID-19 in Los Angeles County. 53,651 Positive Cases Across All Areas of LA County, and a Total of 2,338 Deaths. View for more.

iPhone : "WGA calls for the elimination of programs and practices that have mired women and minorities at the lower levels for years longer than their white male counterparts."

Fixed it!…

iPhone : This is a really really really good thread for white women.

This is what it takes, y'all. You HAVE to practice. You HAVE to learn to get to a point where you have no freeze instinct when it comes to getting in between police send using your White Lady voice for this.…

iPhone : -End Qualified Immunity

-Establish a national use of force standard

-Create database of decertified officers

-Support community oversight

-Demilitarize police

-Deprioritize minor offenses

-Investigate all fatal police shootings

-Promote alternatives to 911

For starters...

iPhone : LAPD just declared the protests an unlawful assembly & shut down all of DTLA. People are getting arrested simply for being outside. It's ugly. If you're out there, stay safe & please protect the homeless who have no say in this. In the meantime:…

iPhone : I see a lot of people struggling with this. Here's the shortest version I can manage.

When discussing what the problems are and how they manifest, defer to those impacted.

When it's time to demand change and push the powers that be to act. That's when you use your voice.…

Twitter Web App : Running kinda ragged here.
I may deactivate again for a little bit. I don't love doing that, but it's the only way for me to completely unplug from this app.
Anyway, if I disappear for a bit, that's why.

Twitter Web App : hey don’t forget that cops don’t need a warrant to press your finger to your phone or hold it up to your face to unlock it. if you’ve got it on you, it should have a passcode a mininum of 6 characters long.

Twitter Web App : Alex Winter 😷 Yeah. This isn't a done deal. But this talk is just scary and adds more pressure. I hope the unions continue to hold firm. With other businesses being told they can open, it's worrisome.

Twitter Web App : I know a final decision hasn't been made, and a lot of moving parts have to fall into place. But this kind of talk and pressure to reopen is still alarming and still worth telling the governor how you feel.