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Bio Toon responsibly. Australia, mate. Immunopathology/molecular biology. Previous research at RCH, RMH, WEHI, CSIRO, HIV/Influenza
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iPhone : Jonathan Swans dad isnt who you think he is —

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TweetDeck : With so much misinformation out there about 5G, we’ve hired Mark Humphries to get to the bottom of things (sort of).

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Twitter for iPad : The virus doesn’t just spread via one group of people or via one type of behaviour. It spreads when ANYONE breaks the rules. And the virus isn’t going to wait for structural problems, that certainly *do* exist, to be sorted out.…

Twitter for iPad : Finally Vic Chief of Police calling out the arseholes who are purposely doing their “sovereign right” bullshit. This isn’t America, take your conspiracy “my freedoms” garbage and fuck off. 99% of people doing the right thing, these numbnuts need to be squashed.

Twitter for iPad : I actually think it's beautiful.

The whole city is banding together to change their future for the better.

Those barren streets are hope

Those empty trams are determination

Those quiet offices are resilience


Twitter for iPad : I recall the Liberal party being outraged at Cedar Meats name being held back for so long. Turns out they only wanted transparency when it’s politically convenient…

Twitter for iPad : BTW, Melbourne, it's just a curfew.

Did you know that in Perth there was a curfew for Aboriginal people from 1927 to 1954? Any Aboriginal people in the centre of the city had to leave before 6pm every night even if they worked in the area.…

Twitter for iPad : Dr Jeanette Young getting angry again at Federal government laziness - for what must be the 25th time since January. And every time so far she's been right